multipurpose universal wrenches (Set of 2)


Universal Wrench is a multipurpose tool that helps in tackling multiple-sized wrenches on your own.

The product comprises a set of two different wrenches that suits all nuts and bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm.

The practical tool adjusts itself according to the size of the bolts and with all systems of measurement.


WHY you really NEED THIS?

  • 2 universal wrenches for all nuts and bolts

  • Lightweight and self-adjusting easily fits to all the bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm

  • Automatically fits the size and shape of nuts and bolts
  • Efficient and easy to use
  • No need for having multiple wrenches of different sizes as this handy set works great for all bolt shapes and sizes.
  • Instantly solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc.
  • The set of two wrenches comprises one small and one large wrench. The small wrench has a different-sized head on each end, while the large wrench has a single large head for bigger nuts and bolts. However, both can be used for all different purposes irrespective of their size and shape, as these wrenches adapt themselves according to their usage.

    You can use snap n grip wrenches for tackling daily problems with taps, valves, pipes, lines, radiators, boilers, wheels, etc.



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