X-Type Flat Floor Mop With Microfiber Mop Cloth - Hand-Free Wash Flat MoP

This is a labor-saving flat mop for your house cleaning! Made of thick stainless steel and PE, this mop is firm and solid to use. This mop handle is adopt effort saving design, the microfiber will do no harm to your floor, suitable to use on tiles, wood/hardwood/laminate floors, and etc..

WHY you really NEED THIS?

PACKAGE INCLUDES - 55" Extra Long Extend Handle made of lightweight Stainless Steel and PE Material, Microfiber Mop pads.Every piece can be washed up to 500 times in your washing machine to save money and protect the environment.

360° ROTATION - 360° Rotating Head and X-Shape Design make it easy to push microfiber mat into the corners, furniture legs, grooves and any corners you hard to reach.

PREMIUM MICROFIBER PADS - With thousands of microfibers to absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles.Microfiber mop-tip, no harm to floor, suitable for Tiles/ Wood/ Hardwood/ Laminate floors/ Concrete/ Stone etc.

HAND FREE WASHING - Easy cleaning design, one button to twist, simply get the resemble hand twist effect to dry the water on the mop cloth.Dehydration Rate up to 90% -100%.

EASY TO USE - Assemble and clean easily, mop-tip is easy to change.Cleaning easier, no more bending your waist and space-saving for storage.

 With This Mop, Bending Your Waist Is Never Needed And You Can Enjoy A Happier And Easier 

 The Mop Lever And Mop Cloth Are Detachable
 House Cleaning Experience, Super Absorbent

Strong Water Absorption Capacity, Can Quickly Remove Water, Oil, And Dirty Liquid On The Floor.

 soft reusable & washable microfiber mop pads, which absorb water quickly, remove hair and oil stains easily. Use wet for deep cleaning or use dry for removing dust. Perfect for bathroom, kitchen, living room, and office. Our versatile mop is suitable for all kinds of smooth surfaces including tiles, wood, hardwood, laminate, concrete, stone floors, and glass windows



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