Open Box Electric car jack 3 ton 12V with impact wrench tool kit is specially designed for roadside emergency 

Our floor jack makes it simple and saves a massive amount of time and energy.

Our floor jack makes it simple and saves a massive amount of time and energy. All you have to do is connecting car jack cable with the cigarette lighter and the jack will provide sufficient torque to lift the vehicle effortlessly. 

This automatic car jack is car flat tire changing made easy. .

THIS ELECTRIC CAR JACK IS PERFECT FOR EVERY HOME. Just insert the cable into your car power outlet and push the jack up button... Up your car goes! Once it get to the height you want, you press the hold button. It is convenient for use and stress free.

  • Rugged Construction: The car jack features a heavy-duty steel structure, large base, and saddle, making the car jack firm and stable. The powerful motor drives to ensure good transmission performance. The jack head uses a non-slip design: a cross-shaped groove plus particles protruding from the surface to increase friction.

  • Easy To Use: Easy to operate just by two switches on the remote control. Simple operation, highly practical. An electric impact wrench is included to disassemble the screws and quickly replace the tires. Farewell to laborious and tedious manual dismounting.

  • Portable Case: Comes with a plastic storage box that can store all the accessories for easy transportation and storage. And the toolbox can be placed in a car or garage for your convenience. Besides, the tire pump will inflate the tire quickly and get your work done.

  • Widely Used: Suitable for sedans, off-road vehicles, vans, light-duty trucks, or any vehicle that suits its capacity. It is also a useful tool for garages, repair shops, and families. You can easily change the tire without asking for help from others or going to the car repair shop.
  • Jack Capacity-3.0T/6600LB: Weight capacity of 3 tons (6600 lbs) and lifting height ranging from 12-45 cm (4.7-17.7 inch). The two-way power supply (battery clip with 12V DC power socket or car cigarette lighter) allows getting power from the car battery. Powerful and time-saving toolset with wireless remote.

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