Tire pressure low? Just fill up & go! 

Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor 12V 150 PSI Car,Van, Tyre 

 Stable, safe, and easy to use, allowing you to fill up the car in less than a minute

Inflates tyres in minutes- it’s your handy roadside saviour!

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The AUTOMATIC MOBILE CAR TYRE PUMP is the choice device that can save you in a dire situation of Tyre flatness.It can inflate your Tyre back to required level/pressure within seconds.

It is fast, convenient and easy to operate. This product saves time, money, and stress

 It is also important to think SAFETY always by having this product with you.
If you have a car and drive to many places that could be termed ‘out of town’; this product is a must have for you!

Voltage: DC 12VDuration: 1OMin interval Displacement: 27L/Min Maximum Operating Current:15A

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The Heavy Duty air compressor is great for car tires, truck tires, sports balls, pool toys, air mattresses & more! Automatically stops at perfect pressure! Tire pressure low? Just fill up & go!

This includes Air Dragon, car power cable, pressure hose, ball adapter pin, and a balloon adapter pin.

Includes: Air Dragon, car power cable, pressure hose, ball adapter pin, and balloon adapter pin.

Inflate a tire, a ball, or a toy in just minutes! Portable air compressor is powered through your car’s cigarette lighter

  • No over- or under-inflating tires
  • The flexible pressure hose has a thread connector for a proper seal with tires
  • One ball and one balloon adapter pin included
  • The pressure hose, power cord and two adapter pins are all stored in the compressor’s base
  • Easy to operate… Just plug it in to your car Set the pressure gauge and squeeze the trigger
  • Small enough to store right in the glove compartment
  • However, it is equipped with a sensitive meter that can monitor and control the air pressure in the rubber.
  • It also stops automatically when it reaches the standard air pressure to keep you on the rubber.
  • v12 works on car lighter
  • 14 feet long
  • With LED light


  • High Quality
  • Built in gauge measures both psi and baf readings
  • integrated DC adapted plugs into power port inside your vehicle
  • Durable
  • Maximum Utility

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